I was searching the yard of an old abandoned farm house. It was about to be bulldozed for a road widening project. I had just passed over a large tree stump in the front yard that had been cut off flush with the ground. I got a large wide signal on the far side of the stump. Thinking it was surface trash I scrubbed the ground with my boot and I could see several dimes that had been just below the soil. I used my hand held probe and found about 20 dimes about an inch deep. I swiped the coil over the spot again and was still getting more signals next to the stump!

I dug a 12" circle about 4" deep. I was still getting signals in the removed dirt and the hole! I used the hand held probe again to glean the remaining coins from the hole and dirt pile. All together I found 82 coins in the hole, 78 dimes and four quarters, all modern clad coins. No evidence of a bank, jar, bag or coin wrappers in the ground. Some kid must have buried their savings next to the tree so they could find the location easily again but never retrieved them. I expected to find more "old" money based on the size of the trees in the yard, but only found a couple of Wheat pennies and some more new coins.

Jeff Herke

Metal detecting results of one hole: 78 dimes and 4 quarters.
$8.80 in one hole!