Lately I have been hammering this old school that is now a private residence. The last two trips netted me 5 silver dimes and 5 silver war nickels. The coins are thinning out so you have to slow down and investigate every signal now. After leaving the area in 1985 they built a ball field next to the old school. Last weekend our area got blasted with a foot of snow in October which is unheard of here in Pennsylvania. Today was a nice sunny fall day with the temperatures in the mid 50's.

I arrived at the school around 10:00am. The frost had melted and it was starting to warm up. I grabbed my gear and headed for the rear of the school and hunted a thin strip of land that borders a neighbors property. The first coin I dug up was a silver Roosevelt 1946-P. It was all of 2" deep. Pressure was off now, everything found now would be gravy! I continued hunting this thin strip and found a few modern coins and decided to head over to the ball field. I started finding new coins right away as I don't think it was ever metal detected. I dug a wheat penny at 5" which was very surprising. I knew the ball field was not old enough but theorized that it was probably kids from the nearby school. Soon I got another piece of silver, a ring with a blue stone at 4" deep. A few more steps and a target turned out to be a silver war nickel. This new area was turning up some surprising finds. In the middle of the field I found an 1800's flat button at around 6". Maybe there was an older home here or perhaps lost by a hunter. I continued finding modern coins and then moved back over to the school.

I switched to a modified High Trash program on my White's V3i metal detector. I changed it to accept all targets from 0-94 and then boosted up Disc and All Metal and the Rx Gain. I also changed the filter from 10Hz to 5 Hz. Within a few minutes of hunting the exact same ground that I had hunted in the previous weeks I dug up a girls thin silver ring at around 6". At first I thought it was a pull tab until I saw the setting. It is marked Sterling inside the band. Probably dates to the 1940's.

It was mid afternoon by now and two more wheat's and a dateless buffalo nickel made an appearance. All total I found 11 clad quarters, 10 clad dimes, 3 nickels, 6 new pennies, 1 silver dime, 1 silver nickel, three wheat's and two silver rings.

Two silver rings found in ball field and school yard.
Ring found in ball field.
Ring found in school yard.
Silver coin finds from the ball field and school yard.
Bad looking buffalo nickel from the school yard.
Flat button that came out of the ball field.
Wheat pennies from the ball field and school yard.