My hunting buddy wanted to try hunting along an old road that followed a bayou. This was a very old road that saw early settlers and military activity. In one area there was a huge hayfield that was like a golf course. We found out who owned it and got permission to hunt it. As a matter of fact the guy knew my buddy and turned us on to two other large areas to hunt.

We started walking close to the road and away from the road, up and down. We found lots of trash and nothing good showing up. We got in one area and started finding car parts. There must have been a wreck on that spot. I was pulling out chrome molding, car parts, window handles, etc. My buddy was close by and was finding the same things. I asked him if he had found any keepers and he said no. We agreed the area was just too trashy and we should move on. I dug my last signal and looked at the dirt and saw a square corner sticking up. Whenever I see shapes and colors in the dirt like that I look and hold my breath. Hoping, but not expecting something good, I reached down and picked it out of the dirt. I knew it wasn't a seat belt buckle. I turned to my buddy and told him I thought I had a rifle sling belt buckle. He looked at it and said, "yep, that is what you have there". It was very exciting for me because that was my first.

We have gone back there and tried some more but only found trash. How in the world was I able to dig that one good target out of all that trash? I think this one may fall under my nickname," Too lucky". That is what my buddy says about me, but I call him "relic dog" because he puts me on the relics.

Thanks for reading, Brent in Baton Rouge.

Rifle sling belt buckle found by Brent Thompson metal detecting in Baton Rouge.
Rifle sling belt buckle.