All found relic hunting in Remington, Virginia.

Civil war carved bullets.

Bottom view of civil war carved bullets.

Civil war carved bullets standing up.

Carved civil war bullets looking from top down.

The two bullets on the left were carved from .58 caliber three ringers. The third bullet appears to be carved from a .52 caliber Sharps. The fourth bullet was most likely a .52 caliber Sharps flat base. The fifth bullet looks to be from a .50 Smith. The 6th bullet (2nd from right) was used to protect the barrel from rain. There are rifling marks on the part that fits into the barrel. The last bullet on the right has a base that measures .54 caliber and may have been a Sharps.

Bullets were often carved during slow times. I guess it was even true back in the civil war about the old army adage "Hurry up and wait".

Sash buckle identified.