Relic hunting with the White's Vision/Spectra V3i metal detector.

Spring came early this year (2012) and on April 2nd I left the house at 4:15am and headed down to my uncle's property in Remington, Virginia. I arrived around 8:45am and talked with my uncle and aunt for a while and then hit the field around 9:30am. The field or side yard is the same area I hunted in mid-December where I found 59 bullets. The first hit and first target I dug was a .58 caliber three ringer. A few feet away and the second target turned up another three ringer. Amazing! How did I miss these bullets? Well, that is what keeps bringing me back. It is easy to miss a bullet (or coin) by just a few inches and it may as well be a mile. Ground conductivity may cause a good target to read bad one day and as a good target on another day. I continued to hunt the field and pulled up a total of 20 bullets. A good variety of bullets were found in addition to the three ringers, a .54 caliber Merrill's carbine, .52 caliber Sharps, and a few .44 caliber Colt revolver. At the end of the day I made my way down to the lower end of the property where we used to find deep bullets...three ringers at the 12 - 14" depths. I hunted for about an hour and found nothing. I know there are bullets there but I wasn't finding them.

The next day a family friend took me out relic hunting to a new piece of property. I was very surprised to learn that it was the farm right behind my grandmothers home. We both headed off in the same general direction and it was about half an hour before I dug my first good target. It turned out to be a .58 caliber three ringer. After getting accustomed to the field and what the targets sounded like I started finding more relics. A piece of brass came to light after 148 years...a knapsack "J" hook. Next, the back part of a button, and then a knapsack hook that the triangle piece attaches too. A couple more three ringers were found and then I moved to another part of the field.

The first find in this new location was a nice Colt Revolver Bartholow .44 caliber. A few Colt .44 caliber revolver and one .36 Colt revolver. Also found an intact Federal eagle button minus the loop. I did find something I had never found relic hunting. Three canister shot (iron balls). They were about 7" deep and in a two foot radius of each other.

The next day I hunted for about four hours as I had some early morning business to take care of. I decided to hunt the lower part of my uncle's property. I knew there had to be some deep three ringers left. I found the first three ringer at 8" but was not impressed with the depth. About a half hour later on the very edge of the property I received another signal that I was sure was a deep bullet. Digging down 12" I found a Large Cent. The date was not visible. Actually, the only way to know it was a Large Cent was that you could still read One Cent on the reverse side. The nice thing about the Large Cent is that the previous owner was a Civil War soldier...from his pocket to my pocket. At this time I decided to crank up the All Metals (using the White's V3i) up from 80 to 85 (preset is 65). I was running the RX Gain at 7. I started hunting an area that I know we hunted out, or at least put a real hurt on it. I found 5 deep three ringers in this area that averaged 12 - 14" deep. The sound on the detector was impressive. You didn't even have to pay attention and you would not miss these targets.

In the two and half days of hunting I found 44 bullets, some brass, button and button parts, and the Large Cent.

Undated large cent found while hunting civil war relics.
Undated/unknown Large Cent
Brass buttons and pieces from the civil war.
Brass eagle button and backs. One rivet.
Civil war knapsack brass.
Knapsack brass.
Civil war iron canister shot.
Iron canister shot.
Mangled .58 caliber rifled musket civil war bullets.
Mangled .58 caliber three ringers.
.52 caliber Sharps carbine civil war bullets.
.52 caliber Sharps carbine.
Variety of civil war bullet calibers.
.54 Merrill's carbine, .44 Bartholow, .44 Colt revolver, .44 Colt Dragoon, and .36 Colt revolver.
Civil war camp lead and buckballs.
Camp lead and buckballs.
.58 caliber rifled musket civil war bullets.
.58 caliber rifle muskets.