Civil War relic hunting with the White's TDI and V3i metal detectors.

After a long cold winter I finally got the chance to run down to Remington, Virginia for some civil war relic hunting. This was going to be a short visit (2 1/2 days) as they were forecasting rain on Thursday. This would give me two full days to relic hunt. I pulled in to my uncle's property around 10:30am and started searching by 11:00am. I was using my White's TDI in the Low conductivity (high target sound) to see if I could find any buttons or small bullets. I started hunting the front of the property by the road as I have taken a lot of bullets out of there in the past. The first target I dug up was a small cuff button back. A short while later I dug up a coat button back. There was not a whole lot of targets to be found and when I did dig a target it was usually a keeper. I also found three of the "buck balls" that go behind the .69 caliber round ball. Also recovered on this first 1/2 day were two three ringers, a .36 caliber Colt revolver, some camp lead and brass items.

On the second day I received permission to hunt a cow pasture where the troops were camped, most likely for the Battle of Rappahannock Station. It was a nice sunny day, around 80 degrees, but I had to hunt with the cows! I found a total of 19 bullets, camp lead, and two rivets. Bullets found were seven .58 caliber three ringers, one .54 caliber Merrill's carbine, five .52 caliber Sharps, two .44 caliber Colt Army Early Model, two .44 caliber Colt revolver, one .44 caliber Bartholow, and one .36 caliber Colt revolver. Not a bad day and I did notice evidence of earlier relic hunters. I was not using the TDI because there is just too much iron out in the pasture. I switched to my White's V3i and avoided any excess digging.

Day three was a good relic hunt day, but the weather was really hot for the beginning of April. It was 91 degrees and the ground was starting to get a little harder to dig. I did make some pretty good finds starting out with a .54 caliber round ball followed by what I think may be the side lock plate to a musket...only a guess. I dug five .58 caliber rifled muskets, one which has a nice mushroom shape. Three .44 caliber Colt revolver, one .44 caliber Bartholow, one .69 caliber round ball and two unknowns. One of them measures out at .45 caliber. I dug two bullets that are fused together, most likely from a fire. I also found a carved bullet and it looks like it may have been used to cover a barrel to keep the rain out, a checker piece since it has a smooth bottom or a canteen plug.

In the brass section I found and Eagle "I" button in bad shape, an Eagle coat button in bad shape, and a button back. One knapsack "J" hook, a finial to a leather pouch, and a curved piece of brass with two holes in it for mounting or strapping.

It sure felt good to get out with the detector after this cold Pennsylvania winter. But, any day out with the detector is a good one!

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Civil war relics, bullets, and brass from the first day of relic hunting.
First day relics and bullets.
Civil war bullets from the second day of relic hunting.
Second day bullets.
Civil war relics, brass and camp lead from the second day of relic hunting.
Second day parts of bullets, camp lead and rivets.
Civil war bullets from the third day of relic hunting.
Third day bullets.
Civil war brass from the third day of relic hunting.
Third day brass.
Civil war musket lock plate.
Side lock plate from a musket?
Carved civil war bullet.
Carved bullet.
Fused civil war bullets.
Fused bullets.
Civil war Eagle and Infantry coat buttons.

Eagle and Infantry coat buttons.