Relic hunting with the White's Vision/Spectra V3 metal detector.

A recent two day trip back to Virginia produced a few more bullets despite the weather. No rain and high temperatures made for some awful hard digging in the Virginia soil. By 10:00am the temperatures were already in the 90's which made detecting that much harder. Wherever I could find shade is where I hunted. I hunted up in the fields near the house (because water was readily available). What's nice about hunting around the house is the variety of bullets that can be found. The first day I found 12 bullets. One was a .52 Ringtail Sharps, the first I ever found on the property since I first began hunting in 1974. I also found a nice .54 Burnside cartridge with the brass still intact. I also found an unknown bullet, possibly a .36 caliber pistol/rifle. The average measured diameter is .345", length is .651", and weight is 8.3grams/.30 ounces/5.3 dwt. Notice the mold marks on the Smith's below.

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.54 Merrill's Carbine civil war bullets
.54 Merrill's Carbine.
.51 Smith's Carbine civil war bullets
.50 Smith's Carbine.
.52 Sharps (left is the Ringtail variety) civil war bullets
.52 Sharps (left is a Ringtail).
.54 Burnside civil war bullets
.54 Burnside's.
Unknown civil war bullet
Unknown .36 caliber bullet.

On the last day the temperatures were unrelenting. No clouds and temperatures up in the mid 90's. I decided to hunt on the backside of the property. Bullets here are deep and I wanted to see how the Spectra V3 would handle them. It took a while, but in the shade of an old oak tree I got the reading I was listening for. Very distinct and much louder than XLT or the DFX. The depth reading indicated it was 10" down. Digging was much easier on the backside of the property and no rocks to contend with. I dug down and located the bullet...a perfect dropped .58 caliber three ringer which is exactly what I expected. The depth was off by 2". I laid the point of my gator digger on top of the bullet and the top of the handle was even with the grass. The gator digger is 12" in length.

Hunting under some pine trees I pulled up the top part of a .58 caliber three ringer. It is a clean slice. I bet the civil war soldier never gave a second thought about someone digging up his sliced piece of lead 145 years later. It could have possibly been used as a pawn chess piece. I finished the day out with 19 bullets. Another .54 Merrill's carbine and .54 Burnside with the cupped bottom made for some nice finds. Also, a .44 Colt Revolver "Bartholow" was found. All together 31 bullets were dug in the most miserable of conditions. The ground actually reminded me of digging in "caliche" that is found out west.

Top of .58 three ringer civil war bullet.
Top of .58 three ringer
Possible chess piece carved from a civil war bullet.
Possible chess piece?
.58 caliber rifled musket civil war bullets.
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Recovered civil war bullets.
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.54 caliber Merrill's and Burnside civil war bullets.
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Dish bottom of .54 caliber Burnside civil war bullet.
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More civil war iron relics.
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Civil war iron relics.
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