This ring is a 1973 14K gold class ring from Kansas State University. My wife and I have written to the school's Alumni Association for help in trying to locate it's rightful owner. We have not heard from them, although it has only been less than a week since we wrote to them.

I found it on the grounds of an old Asheville school which is now a middle school. They have 2 baseball fields and one football field that is also used as a soccer field. I was on that field a week earlier and found 3 sterling rings and almost $8.00 in clad. The 14K ring was found in a funnel area that leads from the schools gym onto the football field and one baseball field.

I always felt that if you want to find things that have been lost that you have to hunt in areas where people have been. This area I call the funnel, is an area where everybody who leaves the gym to go onto the fields have to go through. That's where I hunted for 3 hours on 11-08-08. I also found another gold plated ring and a .925 bracelet and medallion. There was also this 5 karat CZ earring that is set in .925 silver in the same area.

I was using my Whites DFX which I bought when I got into metal detecting 2 1/2 years ago. I had it on the relic setting. Normally I use the pre-set settings for coins/jewelry, but lately I have been trying the relic setting and I have been getting use to the tones and finding more than I ever have found. I got a vdi of a 44 and it was about 3 to 3 1/2 inches down. I cut a plug out of the ground about 5 inches in diameter and when I pulled the plug out of the ground I could see the edge of the gold ring blinging at me. My heart started to palpitate and I started yelling to my metal detecting partner to come over. I met him half way and showed him my plug. I broke open the plug in front of him and he smiled and said you got gold there buddy.

After cleaning it up I realized there was 3 letters inside so I assumed it was the owners initials. When I got home we cleaned it off real good and saw that it was a Kansas State University ring. We emailed the school two times and they are trying to help locate the owner. I bet that would make a nice Christmas present if we could locate him.

This ring has to go into my BEST EVER finds category. I am going back there as soon as we get a 60 degree day and some sun. Who knows what else is waiting there for me and my DFX.

Dave Packard
Asheville, North Carolina