(this 11 year old is off and running when it comes to metal detecting!)

I have been saving money to buy a good metal detector. I was finally able to buy a used (but still very nice) Whites XLT. I did not know where to go metal detecting, so I went to our back yard thinking I would find new pennies and dimes, but when I went out to metal detect, silver started to pop up. I found 1 walking Liberty half, 2 silver Washington quarters, 2 silver Roosevelt dimes, 1 very worn buffalo nickel, 3 silver Jefferson nickels, seven wheat cents and piles of new coins. I have found some very odd things in our back yard as well including half a pair of a barbers scissors, a "P" with a lightning bolt through it, an old key and a huge round metal object that I use as stand to display some things I've found. I've gone out in my yard to metal detect several times after that and I usually always find something. Mostly it is newer pennies, but every once in awhile I find a wheat penny.

Hexy Maher's backyard coin finds.
Hexy's "backyard finds".