Mike Briggs with the KSU ring he found metal detecting with his Bounty Hunter metal detector.

I have enjoyed using my Quick Draw II very much since receiving it Christmas of 2001. My wife had heard me say for a long time that I always thought I would like to have a metal detector. Well, for whatever reason, the idea hit her last Christmas to go ahead and purchase one for me. It has been one of the best Christmas presents I have ever received. To date, I have found 60 dollars in coins, lots of match box cars, and the class ring shown here (my best find so far). The best part about metal detecting to me, is just going out and getting to be by yourself and forgetting all your troubles. If items are found it is a bonus. This is the best hobby I have ever had.

Happy Hunting/Detecting to all.
Mike Briggs
Kingsport, Tennessee

In this photo, I have the ring on my pinkie finger. You can just barely see the ring. I really just wanted to give folks the idea of the type of location that things can be found in.

Class Ring Found from Oak Ridge High School 1973.

Found on October 24, 2002 at the Kendricks Creek Area in Kingsport, Tennessee

KSU ring as it was found in the dirt.

I found this women's class ring in a field around an old house that had been torn down. I didn't really expect to find an item like this, but expected to find something much older. This was the only item found. The location of the field is about a mile from my house. I had hunted this location before and only found one penny, an old fork, and a bunch of beer cans. The reason for the ring being there is one I pondered. I came up with a reasonable explanation. I figure that some youngsters were in the field, which is accessible by a dirt road, to do some partying. While there in the heat of partying, the ring was slung off and into the field and supposedly lost forever. That is until I came along in October 2002 carrying a metal detector.

Pictures of the 10K KSU class ring.
Pictures of the 10K KSU class ring.