Metal Detecting Boot Camp written by Doug Stanley.

Looking for a new book about metal detecting? Check out this new book published by Doug Stanley!

With all of the books on metal detecting that are out in today's market, most of them are about brand specific metal detectors or are a generic book about where to metal detect and how to metal detect. In this book Doug hope's to teach you new and updated methods on how to detect and where. Let's face it, metal detecting has come a long way since if first became popular. It's about time there was a new book to reflect the huge change in metal detecting strategies and techniques. So let's get started learning new and better ways to do what we love to do most, METAL DETECTING.

Chapter 1 Why detect
Chapter 2 Know your detector
Chapter 3 Detector maintenance
Chapter 4 Digging a hole
Chapter 5 How to metal detect
Chapter 6 Where to metal detect
Chapter 7 Trash filled spots
Chapter 8 Hunted out spots
Chapter 9 Spots overlooked
Chapter 10 Closing thoughts

Metal Detecting Boot Camp
102 pages, Copyright © 2012 by Doug Stanley (Magic)

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