Recent Metal Detecting Finds

Recent finds from metal detecting, civil war relic hunting, treasure hunting, and coin shooting.

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White's V3i Metal Detector

Silver coins found metal detecting in a park.

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Buffalo nickel and two Indian head cents found metal detecting in a park.
Metal Detecting in a Park

Hunting an old park produced a few good finds.  Mainly hunted the outskirts of the park to avoid all of the trash.  The silver was found along side a stone wall where people probably sat.  The wheats, Indian head cents, and buffalo nickel were not found far from the wall.

Total finds were a 1928-D standing Liberty quarter, two Mercury dimes 1917 and 1929, and a 1948 Roosevelt.  The buffalo nickel is dated 1925.  Only the last two digits are visible.

The Indian head cents are dated 1901 and 1902.

The wheat pennies are 1917, 1918, 1920-D, 1925 (2), and a 1927.

The lead bar is most likely Smith's.  Not sure what it was used for.  An old compact case, fuse, and a brass buckle were also recovered.

Clad coins consisted of 7 quarters, 15 dimes, 6 nickels, and 14 new pennies.
Wheat pennies found metal detecting in a park.

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Smith's lead piece, compact case, buckle, and a fuse.

.58 caliber rifled musket fired with the ramrod inserted in the barrel. Civil War Relic Hunting Part 16

Civil war relic hunting with the White's V3i and the white 10x12 SEF search coil.

On this trip a one of a kind bullet was recovered (bullet on left).  It appears to have been fired with the ramrod in the barrel.

A Gardner with dot cavity (bullet on right) was also recovered.

Read all about the 69 bullets found on this trip at Civil War Relic Hunting Part 16.

UPDATE: The "ramrod bullet" made American Digger magazine Nov.-Dec. 2014 Vol.10 Issue 6 in the Just Dug Here's what our readers are finding...category.  In it noted bullet authority Jim Thomas says, "Whenever you see...that thin belt of "flashing" around the bullet, I believe it was fired with the ramrod.  It is quite a different feature than a bullet that was simply rammed really hard."
.58 caliber Gardner with dot cavity (Confederate civil war bullet).

1940 Washing quarter found metal detecting in a park.

1953 Roosevelt dime found metal detecting in a park.
These finds are from metal detecting trips spread out over a few weeks. Areas metal detected was on old home built in 1825 but only found two wheat's and new coins.  An old park produced the silver Washington quarter and Roosevelt dime.  The Mercury dime was found at an old school along with a wheat penny (1939) and new coins. Clads total $4.16.

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Clad coins found while metal detecting.

Wheat pennies found metal detecting in parks, homes, and school yards.
Yes, I find a lot of junk too!
Yes, I find my share of junk while metal detecting. Two small figures found "eyeballing" while metal detecting.

1935 Mercury dime found metal detecting in a school yard.

Reverse side of Mercury dime found metal detecting in a school yard.

Large cent with a gun shot on the obverse that was found metal detecting the tow path.
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Daggett & Ramsdell Perfect Cold Cream lid.
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Girl scout pin.
Metal Detecting the canal banks.

Finally a nice warm day to get out with the metal detector. Didn't find any silver but still made some nice finds.  The large cent was shot with most likely a .22 pistol or rifle as it made a pretty good bump on the reverse side.  Cannot make out a date or type on the obverse.  The cold cream jar lid gave off a pretty good signal.  This is a Daggett & Ramsdell Perfect Cold Cream out of New York.

The girl scout pin is in excellent shape with a complete fastening pin on the reverse side.  It has the nice blue enameling.  Three Indian head cents were found...1882, 1888, and 1891 along with a 1919 wheat penny. A hair beret and two religious items were also found.  The medal is marked Milano 1881 on the reverse bottom.  The top is marked Esposizione Nazionale.

Another interesting find is the rock.  It has some kind of metal attached to it.  It gives a VDI reading on 75-78 which could indicate silver.

Rock with metal attached to it.
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Milano 1881 obverse side of the medallion.

Indian head pennies found metal detecting along the canal.
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Religious cross and pendant found metal detecting.
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Milano 1881 medallion found metal detecting in the canal.

1908 Barber dime found metal detecting around an old church.
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Obverse of the 1908 Barber dime.
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Indian head cents found metal detecting a church yard.
Old Church...Old Finds

Metal detecting around an old church built in 1854 produced some nice finds.  First coin found was the 1917-D Lincoln wheat cent so things got off to a good start.  The harness buckle on the right is marked "Solid Bronze".  The horse bit was a nice find and attributed to the age of the site.  The necklace is fake but sure gave me a thrill when I first popped it up.

Coins found were a 1908 Barber dime, 1907 V-nickel in poor shape, two Indian head cents dated 1890 and 1897, four wheat pennies dated 1916, 1917, 1917-D, and a 1944-D.  New stuff was three clad quarters, 5 clad dimes, 1 nickel, and 9 new pennies.

Four wheat pennies found metal detecting in a church yard.
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1907 V-nickel found metal detecting in a church yard.

Solid bronze harness buckel.
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Old horse bit.
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Costume jewelry - blue amethyst necklace.

Silver coins found metal detecting.
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Buffalo nickel, wheat pennies, Indian head penny found metal detecting.
New Park...Old Finds

Metal detecting the same park that produced the red truck below I managed to pull up some more silver, wheats, and brass items.

Hunting around where the old house was torn down I found the 1938 Washington quarter, 1930 Mercury dime and the 1951 Roosevelt dime.  The 1936 Buffalo nickel is an "S" and was found along with an 1918 and 1938 wheat pennies and a crusty old Indian head cent dated 1895.

The top brass item looks like a drawer pull.  Directly underneath is an old pencil sharpener, middle is a vintage keyhole protector, a number 10 on a brass disc (probable for checking out a tool), and an old button.

Also found 3 clad quarters, 6 clad dimes, 1 nickel, and 11 new pennies.
Brass items found with a metal detector.
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Norway ring.
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Norway silver ring.
I stopped by the old school again that was giving up a lot of silver and found another silver ring.  This one is marked D-A Norway and then Sterling and is washed in gold.  It was five inches deep.  I found it with a modified Deep Silver program on the White's V3i.

I also hunted a strip of high ground above the softball field and found 24 clad quarters, 9 clad dimes, and 7 new pennies.  At least the clad paid for the gas!

Hunting along the fence row next to the road I found the watch and watch band. 
Norway ring.
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Clad coins.

1897 Barber dime found metal detecting a cow pasture.
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Old toy car.
Old cow pasture produces some good finds.

Permission was granted to metal detect an old cow pasture located near an old home and barn.  The home was occupied but I was allowed to hunt the cow pasture.

Some good finds were made throughout the day.  The only silver found was the 1897 Barber dime.  Three Indian head cents dated 1890, 1893, and 1895, a wheat penny dated 1909 (no VDB).

A 1920's era Oldsmobile car emblem was also found.  It is in pretty good shape with most of the enameling.

The toy car was a nice find despite it being bent, cut, no wheels, and no markings! 

The Iodex ointment lid came out of the ground with minimal damage.  Usually they are crushed flat since they are made of thin aluminum.  It reads from top to bottom:
Menley and James Ltd.
Rub In Until Color
New York - Montreal
Iodex Ointment lid.
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Olds Motor Works 1920's era car emblem.
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Indian head cents and wheat penny.

Red Tootsie Toy truck.
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1924 & 1926 Mercury dimes found metal detecting.
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1910 wheat penny.  1911 wheat penny.
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New park produces old silver.

Metal detecting in a new park produced some good coins. The park was new but I knew there was an old home on the site that had been torn down. Detecting the rear area of the park where the house stood I managed to pull up two Mercury dimes dated 1924 and 1926, an Indian head cent dated 1902, a Buffalo nickel 1929-D, and two wheat pennies dated 1910 and 1911 (green pennies but I can still read the dates.

Also found part of an old Tootise Toy truck, a Seiler's Ham Deluxe tag, and an aluminum religious medallion. I think the Seiler's Ham tag dates somewhere in the 1930's to 1940's.

New stuff included 7 clad quarters, 9 clad dimes, 2 nickels, and 11 new pennies.
Seiler's Deluxe Ham Token
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Reverse side of Seiler's Ham token.
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1902 Indian head cent.  1929-D buffalo nickel.
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1928 Standing Liberty quarter and a Mercury dime found metal detecting.
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Metal Detecting an old New Jersey High School
produced a few good finds.  Despite the 95F temperature I still managed a couple of silver coins and 4 wheat pennies.

The wheat pennies date 1910, 1914, 1917, and 1918.  The standing Liberty quarter is dated 1928 and the Mercury dime is a 1919. 

Also found 16 clad quarters, 11 clad dimes, two nickels, and 15 new pennies.

wheat pennies
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1956-D silver dime and 1910 wheat penny.

1920 and 1946 wheat pennies.

Mic metal detecting the 1840's front yard.
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Disappointing 1840's Home

The home was built in the 1840's but unfortunately no coins of that era were recovered.

The entire yard was littered with pull-tabs and made hunting a little difficult.

The first coin I found was in the side yard (bottom right picture) and it was a 1956-D silver Roosevelt dime.  The next few hours produced only three wheat pennies 1910, 1920, and a 1946.

New coins were a penny and clad dime.

My hunting partner found two wheat pennies and some modern coinage.


1840's house located in New Jersey.

Side yard of the house where the silver dime was recovered.
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antique key
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Stopped by the same school as below for a little detecting.  Nothing good in the way of clad quarter and a 1964 nickel.  I did find this nice antique key stamped with the number 20.  Another nickel reading resulted in the broach.  I think the other piece is part of a shaving razor stem.

1952-D silver Washington quarter found with a metal detector.

1952-D silver Washington quarter (reverse side).

Old School Still Giving Up Silver

I stopped by the same old school that gave up the silver war nickels and the two rings below.  This was the first time metal detecting at the school since winter.

I was using the White's V3i with a modified Coin and Jewelry program.  I accept everything from 0 to 94.  Disc was at 80, All Metal at 70, and RxGain at 5.  There was EMI in the area so I had to lower the Gain to keep the detector quiet.

I received a solid signal of 63 at six inches.  Digging down I found this 1952-D silver quarter.  I think it was on edge which would account for the lower VDI reading.  Also found the 1939 Lincoln cent at five inches.

New stuff included 4 clad dimes, 1 nickel, and two pennies.  Nine coins total with two keepers.

1939 Lincoln wheat cent found with a metal detector.

Civil war bullets from the second day of relic hunting.

Civil War Relic Hunting Part 15

After a long cold winter I finally got the chance to run down to Remington, Virginia for some civil war relic hunting. This was going to be a short visit (2 1/2 days) as they were forecasting rain on Thursday. This would give me two full days to relic hunt. I pulled in to my uncle's property around 10:30am and started searching by 11:00am.

Read all about Civil War Relic Hunting Part 15.

Civil war bullets from day three of the relic hunt.

Civil War Relic Hunting Part 14

Civil war relic hunting with the White's TDI metal detector produced a few more finds on what is now beginning to be a "thinned out" area for bullets.  Also recovered on this trip were a New York button and a scabbard tip.

Read all about Civil War Relic Hunting Part 14.

Silver ring and silver earring found metal detecting a school yard.

Another view of the silver ring and earring.
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Dig those pull-tab signals when metal detecting!

I was back metal detecting a school yard where I recently found the Russian gold ring.  The thin .925 silver ring was found about 3" deep and the .925 silver earring was found in a "tot lot" on the school grounds.

The silver earring and ring both hit in the pull-tab range because they are thin silver...not thick like a coin.  If you are not digging those pull-tab readings not only are you missing gold, but you are also missing small pieces of silver like the earring and ring pictured.

Also found 9 clad quarters, 5 clad dimes, 8 nickels, 5 pennies, and a 1979 Canadian dime.

Silver ring marked .925 found metal detecting a school yard.
Marked .925 sterling silver ring.

.52 caliber Sharps civil war bullets.

Civil War Relic Hunting Part 13

All good luck on this civil war relic hunt.  Found a nice variety of bullets including .58 caliber three ringers, .52 caliber Sharps, .54 caliber Merrill's, .50 caliber Smith carbine, .64 caliber musket balls, and .44 caliber Colts.

Also found were an eagle cuff button, confederate flat button, gun tool, and a flying eagle cent.

Read all about it and see more pictures at Civil War Relic Hunting Part 13.

Metal detecting in the woods produced this nice 1784 two reales coin.

Metal detecting in the woods has paid off once again.  This 1784 2 Reales Spanish colonial coin was found on our property here in Pennsylvania.  The date was scratched during the years in the ground due to a tree that was up-rooted during a storm.  The only evidence left of this was a depression in the ground much like a small crater.  I found this at the top of the crater.  But wait...this coin was not laying in the ground alone.  A large cent dated 1831 (Matron head) kept it company all these years.  Click here to read the rest of the story and see more pictures of the finds.

1962-D Roosevelt dime and 1925 wheat penny.
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Metal detecting the same school that produced all of the silver war nickels below, I managed to pull up yet another piece of silver and one wheat penny dated 1925.  The silver dime dated 1962-D was only 3" deep and I thought for sure it was a clad dime.  The wheat penny was 8" deep and I found it using the "mixed-mode" option on the White's V3i.  I also recovered 8 clad quarters, 3 clad dimes, 3 nickels, and 3 memorial cents.

Twenty dollar bill found.

Obviously I did not find this with my metal detector.  I walk every day for exercise and found this about 4 feet from the curb, folded up just as you see it.  A nice crisp $20 bill!

This beats my last bill find by $15.  I once found 5 one dollar bills in a small plastic treasure chest.

Russian gold ring.
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Metal detecting a new middle school (on older grounds) produced this nice gold ring from a depth of only 4".  The VDI reading was a solid 23.  It has a hallmark inside but does not have a carat rating.  Will take it to the jewelers to verify gold content. 

Turns out to be Russian 9K.  Using the Gold Calculator on the Spot Metal Prices page gold is at $1589.70. The ring weighs 2.0 grams which would put the value at $38.34.

Looks like a religious motif.  Mother Mary holding the baby Jesus?  There are pearls on each side of center.

Also found a solid copper bracelet, some junk jewelry, one wheat penny dated 1957, 3 clad quarters, 6 clad dimes, 10 nickels, and 7 pennies.

Gold trumps silver and it is always a good day when you hit gold!

Mother Mary gold ring.

Civil war bullets.
Iron canister shot.

Recent relic hunting trip to Remington, Virginia produced another 44 civil war bullets, buttons, button backs, canister shot, large cent, and a few brass knapsack pieces.

Read all about at Civil War Relic Hunting Part 12.

Three silver coins found metal detecting.
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Metal detecting around an old church built in 1899 produced a couple of winners.  The first coin found was the 1935 Mercury dime.  A few minutes later the 1892 Barber dime made it's appearance.  The 1937-S quarter was the last coin found for the day.  Two green Indian head cents, 1895 and 1902 along with a 1925 Lincoln were also found.  The Barber is "one thin dime"!

The new stuff found was 3 clad quarters, 8 clad dimes, 2 nickels, and 11 memorial cents.

Indian head cent found metal detecting.
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.52 Sharps civil war bullets.

My last Civil War relic hunting trip for 2011 resulted in 59 bullets, two pieces of brass, and a rifled musket gun tool.  I hunted for two days...about 7 hours a day.  Temperatures were in the mid 40's and lows in the 20's which made for some "frosty" mornings.

Also found four .44 Colt pistol bullets with the tops twisted around with what looks like pliers.

Read the story Civil War Relic Hunting Part 11.

Coins found metal detecting.
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I metal detected the same school as below, but the finds are few and far apart.  Managed to pull up a 1901 V nickel in bad shape, a 1944-P silver war nickel, and two wheat's, 1919 and 1920.  Also found a Brownie girl scout pin and an old cufflink.

Modern coinage found was 9 clad quarters, 6 clad dimes, 11 nickels, and 12 pennies.

I also found a 4 pound chunk of lead.  Click here for a view.

Photo right: Top: old cuff link.  Bottom: Brownie Girl Scout pin.

Recent finds using a metal detector.

More items found with a detector.

Click nickels, St. Christopher medal, blue earring, or the copper button to enlarge.

Metal detecting the same school as below produced a few more finds.  The silver war nickels were stuck together for a single find.  The St. Christopher medal is gold plated and made by Monet.  The blue earring is marked .925.  The button on the lower right appears to be from the 1700's.  The wheat's are 1910 and 19??.  Also found 11 clad quarters, 17 clad dimes, 5 nickels, and 16 new pennies.

One of the wheat's was found using the Mixed Mode...first time I ever used it.  Takes some getting used to but it does work good and goes deep.  The 1910 wheat was one I had missed on previous hunts but was found with the Mixed Mode.

This makes a total of 8 war nickels found at this location.

Silver coins found.
Click picture to enlarge.

Metal detecting the same school again as Another Two Ring Day.  I found the Mercury dime within 10 minutes of hunting and about 25' from the 1946 Roosevelt below.  The silver quarter popped up in the softball field right next to the school.  Totals for the day are 7 clad quarters, 4 clad dimes, 2 nickels, 5 memorial pennies, 3 Canadian dimes, wheat penny, key, and a Cub Scout neckerchief slide.

Also when I dug up one of the nickels there was a pull-tab ring in the same hole with it.  The V3i sniffed it right out.

Cub scout slide for neckerchief.
Click picture to enlarge.

Gold pendant found with a metal detector.

#1 Mom must have been a #1 Soccer Fan.  I was searching a soccer field this morning looking for gold and was not disappointed.  The pendant hit a solid 10vdi at 3 inches deep.  I recovered part of the chain.  It is 14K and weighs (with chain) 2.4 grams.  It is made of yellow, white, and rose gold.  At $1787/ounce it is worth $80.00.

In order to find gold, you must dig junk.  At the 10vdi range I was finding bits of foil & soda cans, small lead pieces, ace bandage holders, and parts of pull-tabs. 

Two rings found metal detecting.

Another Two Ring Day (click here to read the whole story).  Hunting the same school as below netted some more silver.  All total I found 11 clad quarters, 10 clad dimes, 3 nickels, 6 new pennies, 1 silver dime, 1 silver nickel, three wheat's and two silver rings.

1946 Roosevelt dime.

Recent metal detecting finds.
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Hi-Yo Silver, Away!  Metal detecting the same school as below produced these coins and Lone Ranger pin (1938) from the same area.  The White's Deep Silver program is definitely paying off.  The pin was 6" deep and I cannot believe that it is not bent as it is very thin.  The 1951 Roosevelt dime was 7.5" deep and the two war nickels were 5" - 6" deep.  The war nic's were only a foot apart.  The wheat is a 1942.  The clad finds included 3 quarters, 1 dime and 6 nickels.  Also recovered a cheap ring.

Lone ranger pin.
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More recent finds with a metal detector.

Click picture to enlarge.

Metal detecting the school where I found the dog pin below.  I used a program from Find's Treasure Forum that was written by username Magic.  It does go deep and I found the Mercury dime and three wheat's in the exact same place I found the dog pin.  I figured there were deeper coins so I switched to White's Deep Silver program.  Within two minutes I locked onto a solid 66 VDI at 7.5".  It was the Roosevelt dime.  Following my same path I found the two war nickels and three more wheat's.  The Cinderella watch was found with 3 clad dimes stacked on the back of it.  The round ball is a .54 caliber.  For the new stuff I found 10 clad quarters, 6 clad dimes, 1 nickel, and 6 pennies.  It is always a good day when you find silver!


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