Those Florida Boys...

A few detectorist down in Florida have been making some incredible finds. Gold coins, capped and seated silver, reales, and military relics. Here are a few pictures of their finds.

1843 gold coin with capped and seated silver coins.
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Glenn saw his hunting buddy Tom Dankowski dig his first gold coin and some early silvers just two weeks before he dug the 1881 $5 gold coin (below).

Tom found an 1843-O 2 1/2 gold piece. After Tom found the gold coin Glenn bought the Fisher F-75 that he found it with! Tom also helped to develop the F-75. Two weeks later Glenn found a gold coin!!!! It was a great story!

1881 $5 gold coin.
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1881 $5 US Gold piece found in 2009 by Glenn.

1918/17-S Standing Liberty Quarter.
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Glenn's friend John found a 1918/7-S quarter. He doesn't know much about coins and has very poor eyesight. This was at a construction site that we were both working but he was alone this day. I had found an 1867 nickel and a couple of Indians the day before.

We met after he found the quarter. I immediately saw the S and with the naked eye I could clearly see the over-date. When I told him it was a $5K to 8K coin, he didn't believe me. I had to push him to send it out to get it graded and even offered to pay for it. It came back as an AU-55 details cleaned! The picture is pre-clean. As word spread around the local coin shops, a collector offered John 5K for it. He wanted more but there was a bad scratch on the reverse. He finally took the offer after about a month. That was the coolest find I think I've ever seen!

Military buttons and a silver reale.
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More finds by Tom Dankowski include a silver reale and military buttons.

1831 Capped Bust quarter.
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1831 Capped Bust quarter found by Tom Dankowski.

1885 V-nickel.
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Here is an 1885 nickel Glenn found in 1999.

Look at the incredible detail. Unfortunately it was found under a sidewalk. As you can see Glenn took a hit on the sale. Cleaning nickels is tough but possible with harsh chemicals.

Three cent nickel.
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I have found an 1865 3 cent nickel which I'm really proud of cause I found it in front of Tom with a Fisher 3-D in an area that he had covered 100's of times with several detectors. It read foil only 1 way. It would not repeat! If I turned my body it would go to iron. Mind you this area is heavily covered with iron and we ignore it.

1885 V-Nickel.
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Tom found this 1885 V-Nickel with a XP GMP detector on Sunday. It was at one of our favorite "test" sites due to the high volume of iron in the area. We know there are good targets in the area, but because of the iron they can't be heard. The GMP has incredible separation and was able to "see" this coin where other top units could not.