These events were gleaned from records of metal detecting hunts over the years. It is getting harder and harder to find more these days as competition is really increasing. One day a couple of summers ago I did real well hunting under some old football bleachers. I had previously hunted it with my 9.5" coil but missed a lot of coins because of the trash. Returning later with a 6" Blue Max coil paid off very well in the silver department. I recovered 5 Mercury dimes, 5 silver Roosevelt's and one silver Washington quarter. I also found one unusual find...a human tooth!

These are one day record totals from separate hunts.

Coins: 115

Large cents: 2, 1797 and 1810.

Halves: a three way tie. 2 Walking Liberty halves. 1 Walking Liberty half and a Ben Franklin half. 2 Kennedy halves.

Silver quarters: 4

Silver dimes: 13, 9 Mercury's and 4 Roosevelt's.

Wheat pennies: 44

Indian head pennies: 10

Silver coins: 1922 Peace dollar, 1 Walking Liberty half dollar, 4 silver quarters, 5 silver Roosevelt's.

Old money: 1 Barber quarter, 1 Barber dime, 1 V-nickel, 1 Shield nickel, 1 Flying Eagle cent, 10 Indian head pennies, 1 silver Roosevelt, 1 buffalo nickel, 12 wheat's.

Most old money in one hole: $1.05 A 1927-S silver dollar and a buffalo nickel.

Oldest dated money found in one hole: 1784 2 Reales and an 1831 large cent (equivalent to $0.51 cents).

Most Barber's in one hole: 2, a quarter and a dime.

Most wheat pennies in one hole: 14

U.S. Coin types I have found:

Two 2 Reales 1784, 1793 and a 1788 half real (legal tender up to 1857).

1787 Connecticutt Copper penny.

George III copper halfpence (date unknown).

All types of large cents (oldest dated 1796 Liberty Cap, 1797, 1807, 1810).

Flying Eagle Cents.

Indian head cents (variety 1, 2, & 3).

Wheat Pennies.

Two cents.

Three cent silver.

Shield nickels.


Buffalo nickels (best date 1921-S)

Jefferson War Nickels.

Capped bust half dimes.

Seated Liberty half dimes.

Capped Bust dime.

Seated Liberty dimes.

Barber dimes.

Mercury dimes. I found the complete set minus the 1916-D.

Roosevelt dimes (silver). I found the complete set...finding the last dime 1955-S in Landstuhl, Germany.

Liberty seated quarters.

Barber quarters.

Standing Liberty quarters (best date a MS-61 graded 1929).

Washington quarters.

Barber half dollars.

Walking Liberty half dollars.

Ben Franklin half dollars.

Kennedy 40% silver half dollars.

Morgan silver dollar (1921).

Peace dollars (3 - 1922, 1922, 1927-S)