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Jeff Herke offers replacement metal arm cuffs for the Minelab Explorer and Quattro metal detectors.

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Minelab Metal Arm Cuff and Accessories

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Minelab Explorer S, XS, II, and Quattro metal arm cuff.

After breaking several of the original plastic Minelab Explorer arm cuffs at the worst times while out in the field, I decided make a better version. I worked with a local metal shop to fabricate a sturdier all metal version of my own design. After several prototypes of different materials and multiple field tests, we hit on a winner.

The arm cuff portion of the assembly is “U” shaped and fits your arm more comfortably than the plastic Minelab Explorer “V” shaped arm cuff. It’s extremely durable, lightweight, and very comfortable. You'll never have to worry about breaking this one in the field or need to carry around a spare plastic back-up arm cuff.

Several of my fellow Explorer users in my local treasure-hunting club wanted one as soon as they saw it. Based on their positive feedback, it was suggested that I should be selling these through detector dealers... I decided to start offering them for sale.

As a result of my prototype testing, I ultimately settled on aluminum construction over stainless steel. While stainless may seem like the ideal solution, but the weight of the cuff was a major consideration. Aluminum is 1/3 of the weight of stainless steel for the same thickness of material but still very strong. In testing, to reduce the weight of the SS cuff, we had to reduce the gauge of stainless used. The thin SS resulted in a cuff that flexed during the lateral sweeping of the detector. However, by using aluminum we were able to have the needed rigidity and while keeping the cuff lightweight.

Although rigid, because they are made from aluminum, the cup width can be adjusted to the specific user. Spread if it too narrow or squeezed together as needed for the ideal fit. The cuff and base are completely welded along each side of the cuff. On the S & XS version with headphone adapter, the plug bracket is attached onto the stand with pop rivets. The base of the cuff conforms to the shape of the battery housing. The base covers the mounting screw slide slot over the full range of cuff adjustment to form a shield from dirt or rain from getting into the detector’s battery housing through the adjustment slot. The cuff will not turn or rotate on the mounting screw because of the contoured shape of the base.

MINELAB EXPLORER S, XS, II, SE, E-trac, Quattro, and Safari METAL ARM CUFF with STAND

Easy to follow instructions are included for removal of the existing Minelab metal stand.


The cuffs will be shipped with a SS attachment screw and a screw retainer already installed. The cuff will also include a comfortable, black, factory made, 1 ” wide hook and loop strap that easily adjust to most arms. The strap can be easily be reversed for RH or LH use.

We also include a self-adhesive pad to line the inside of the cuff. They are included but not installed. These pads are UV resistant, and black in color (so they don't show the dirt) and are easy to clean. My products have a high performance, baked on, satin black powder paint.

Custom Made Arm Cuff Covers

Introducing a custom made arm rest cover for my arm cuffs. Made of all weather, 3 mm thick padded neoprene, the same material wet suits are made of. Designed and used by a metal detector enthusiast wanting a better alternative to the bare metal of the arm cuff. The moisture-wicking action of the neoprene keeps you comfortable on hot summer days and the thick padding adds relief on those long hunts. The stretchable neoprene lined with spandex form-fits to the cuff and will not slip off. This cover adds comfort and gives a unique look to your machine.

I stock them in black but they can be special ordered (add 1 week to the item shipment) in a variety of colors and patterns (red, navy blue, green, camo, leaf camo, digital camo, leopard, and blue coral).

Differing colors of cuff covers makes it easy to find your detector in large group hunts or team unity in competition hunts! The patent-pending, custom fit design installs in a flash and is removes easily for cleaning. Proudly made in the U.S.A.


Products will be promptly shipped using USPS.

If for any reason you don’t like any of these products, promptly return it and I will give you a full refund (less shipping cost). We're so confident of our products, if you ever break one under normal use, I will replace or repair it, and you just have to pay shipping.

I accept PayPal or a USPS money orders. For pricing and availability, international shipment rates, or any comments or questions, please send an Email to .

Thanks for looking.


Description: Price:

3.5" Black Powder Coated fits Minelab Explorer S, XS, II, Quattro, SE, SE Pro, Safari, and E-trac. $45.00 Shipped

3.5" w/1/4" Adapter and Black Powder Coated fits Minelab Explorer S or XS. 
More pictures.
$55.00 Shipped

Replacement metal stand. Fits models Explorer II, SE, SE Pro, E-trac, Quattro and Safari.  Click here for more information. $25.00 Shipped
MINELAB EXPLORER S, XS, II, SE, E-trac, Quattro, and Safari Metal Arm Cuff with stand. $50.00 Shipped

Custom made black arm cuff cover
Black in color unless otherwise specified in PayPal instructions.
$20.00 Shipped

Arm strap (black only). $6.00 Shipped

For payment by USPS Money Order, international shipments,
or combined shipping, please inquire at email address above.

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