My cousin moved into an old building a couple of years ago. I asked him if I could metal detect around it and he said no problem. When I arrived at his house, the first thing I noticed was that it was quite old. He said that it used to be a hotel back in the 1700's. This, of course, made me very anxious to get started.

After one hour and only a couple of wheat's and lots of trash, I took a break. I decided to concentrate my detecting in front of the building. This area looked untouched and very clean. Within two minutes I got a pull-tab reading. Now, I am using a brand new White's that I am not used to, so I am digging every decent reading. Using a screwdriver, since it indicated only two inches, I made a half circle and hinged over the plug. Facing me is a reverse of a coin that I have never seen. Excited, I flip the coin around to see an Indian's face smiling at me. I was so amazed! My first Indian head cent!

Later I found out that the 1875 is a semi-key date in the series. The coin still has great details and easily grades extra fine. The second picture is my first large cent. It is an 1817 I found late in the season this past year. There is still a lot of detecting area left at the old house. It's located in a very old town in eastern Pennsylvania.

1875 Indian Head Cent
1875 Indian Head Cent.
G-4 $14.00 to EF-40 $75.00
1817 Large Cent Coronet Type
1817 Large Cent Coronet Type.
Antique copper button.
Antique copper button.
Another antique copper button.
Antique copper button.
1787 New Jersey copper coin.
This is a picture of a 1787 New Jersey copper I found on March 19, 2001.
1945-S Walking liberty half dollar.
1945-S Walking Liberty half dollar.
Reverse side of the half dollar.
Reverside of silver coins.

Shane's first half dollar, a 1945-S, was found in a churchyard in Pennsylvania. Also found that day was a Mercury dime. Overall, a very good day for silver!