Silver rings, pendants, medallions, bracelets, and chains.

Pictures of silver jewelry that I have found metal detecting over the years. Most of it is marked Sterling, .925, .835, and .800. All of the these finds are solid and not plated. The "skull" ring is one of my favorites and I wear it on occassion. One of the finds is the swastika cut out of a German 5 Mark coin and another is a cut out portrait of a queen from a Netherlands (I think) coin. Rings from the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts, Army, Navy, FFA, and a few silver and turquoise rings from Mexico. The civilian awards badge with the "E" in the circle was given out during WWII for Excellence. Picture #10 is made out of a Ben Franklin half dollar. Picture #89 is a sterling puzzle ring. There are a total of 93 images.

Silver skull ring.
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