"Don't waste your time digging for a coin close to the surface".


All coins run the risk of scratches and marks if probed. Coins deeper than 3" should not be probed but that is a decision the detectorist will have to make. No matter what the material the probe is made out of, all of them can push soil particles across the face of a buried coin during probing. Coins less than three inches (usually clad quarters and dimes, nickels, and memorial pennies) can easily be located with this probe and popped out of the ground with the probe without digging. Don't waste your time digging for a coin close to the surface. Use a probe! It is faster and easier on the grass.

Material: 1/4" Solid Stainless Steel Rod with a Polypropylene Round Ball Knob.

Offered for sale is the very best heavy duty coin probe you can buy for people who care about quality. These probes are handmade of polished 1/4" stainless steel rod and ground to a nice tapered pencil point. The handle is a round 1 5/8" industrial polypropylene with a non-slip textured surface that fits comfortably in the palm of the hand. The shank is threaded into the handle and held in place with a stainless steel locking collar. Since the probe is made of stainless steel it will not rust. These probes are made in the U.S.A.

Length: Between 8.5" and 9". Probe length: Approximately 7"

Stainless steel metal detecting coin probe.
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Current stock: 8 coin probes, 12 ground cloths.

Stainless Steel
Coin Probe

  • Stainless steel coin probe.
  • Stainless steel coin probe.
$14.00Plus Shipping

SS Coin Probe
plus Ground Cloth

  • Stainless steel coin probe with ground cloth.
  • SS Coin Probe + Ground Cloth
$24.00Plus Shipping

These stainless steel probes are Made in the USA.
by J.R. Hoff