Whenever the subject of metal detecting or treasure hunting comes up, I am usually asked "what is the best thing you ever found" or "what is the most valuable thing you ever found". Actually, the best finds are the one's that can be returned to their original owners...three high school rings, one wedding ring, and two military dog tags. Those are priceless. But I do have my favorite finds and here they are in no particular order:

Civil war identification shield.
Civil war identification shield.
Cyrus Myers of B Company, 4th Volunteer Cavalry (Pennsylvania). War of 1861. Found at an Athens, Alabama high school under a large sycamore tree. Read all about Private Cyrus Myers...a civil war soldier.
1929-P Standing Liberty quarter
1929-P Standing Liberty quarter.
One of my favorite coins because not only did it come out of the ground, but it beat all the odds of coming back from a grading service as an MS-61 uncirculated. Found in Myerstown, Pennsylvania. Read where I found this quarter at Metal Detecting Church Yards.
1796 Liberty Cap large cent
1796 Liberty Cap large cent.
Mintage: 109,825 Minted four years after the mint began in 1792. Found in a Remington, Virginia cow pasture. Click here to read about how and where this large cent was found.
Floris IV 1222 to 1234 Silver Medieval Denar
Floris IV 1222 to 1234 Silver Medieval Denar.
This was found right on top of the ground in a hay field. I just moved the coil over and there it was! Found in Trier, Germany. Read all about Medieval Coin Identified.
Emperor Nerva A.D. 96-98 silver denarius
Emperor Nerva A.D. 96-98 silver denarius.
This was a top 10 best find for1989 Western & Eastern Treasures yearly contest. Found in Haupstuhl, Germany just outside of town in a hay field. Read all about the Emperor Nerva coin.
Sterling silver Roy Rogers and Trigger ring
Sterling silver Roy Rogers and Trigger ring.
Found in a Durham, Pennsylvania school yard...since converted to an art studio. Click here to read about the Roy Rogers ring.
1921 Alabama commemorative half dollar
1921 Alabama commemorative half dollar.
Found in a Fort Bliss, Texas gravel lot motorpool used during the WWII years. Click here to read about where this commemorative was found.
1921-P Mercury dime
1921-P Mercury dime.
I found this in an old church yard back around 1983. Sold it recently on eBay with a winning bid of $76.00. Found in Berks County, Pennsylvania.
1898-S Barber half dollar
1898-S Barber half dollar.
I like this coin because I "missed" it in the 1980's as well as other detectorist. I found it in an old church yard when the V3i was called a "Vision". Found in Milford, New Jersey.
Holger Nielsen's WW II Dog Tag
Holger Nielsen dog tag.
I returned this dogtag to Holger Nielsen's daughter who wears it to this day. Found in Fort Bliss, Texas out in the sand dunes. Read all about WWII Veteran Holger Nielsen.