I have been using White's metal detectors since 1974 and have had great results as indicated by the stories, articles, and pictures of my finds. For more information on White's Metal Detectors, click on the links below.

White's Electronics is a world leader in the design and manufacture of metal detectors. The company is currently led by Ken and Mary White, using the same philosophy that was so successful for Ken's father 50 years ago. Give the customers quality and value, treat your employees like you would like to be treated and the future will be bright. Numerous patents are material proof of White's commitment to maintaining this leadership role. As the technology of the electronics industry has changed, so has White's technology - from vacuum tubes to sophisticated computer driven metal detectors for hobby, security and industry.

White's Electronics is extremely proud of their national network of authorized dealers. Click here to find your local dealer.

Mercury dime
Found June 20, 1999
at a depth of 4 inches
with XLT Spectrum.
silver dime
Found June 27, 1999 at a
depth of 7 inches with
XLT Spectrum.